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Contra Costa Industrial Medical Clinic

Serving the medical needs of Industry and its employees

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About Us
Contra Costa Industrial Medical Clinic offers full industrial and occupational medical services including pre-placement physicals, evaluations and treatment of injuries and 24 hour drug and alcohol testing. We provide
complete minor surgery, fracture care, acute trauma evaluation, physical therapy, orthopedic consultation and evaluation.

Medications, supplies and equipment are dispensed from the clinic at no cost to the injured worker enabling the injured person full treatment at one site and decreasing the cost in
time and travel to the employer.

Lab Services:
Full lab services are available. These services include, but are not limited to: Urinalysis, EKG, TB testing, Drug testing, Blood work, Vision testing (to include color blindness), Audiometric testing, Spirometry testing and respiratory mask fitting.

Audiometric hearing testing is performed in a sound proof audiometer booth.

Spirometry (Breathing/Pulmonary Function) testing measures lung capacity. Persons working in and around products that produce airborne material frequently are subject to diminished breathing capacity.

Drug testing now widely used in industry to help prevent work force problems is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. Prompt reporting from a qualified lab is available in 24-48 hours.

Employment Services:
Pre-employment physicals or Pre-placement exams can furnish the employer baseline information on a prospective employee. The pre-employment exam ensures that the prospective employee doesn't have a medical condition that may be aggravated by job duties, putting both the employer and the prospective employee at risk.

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals are mandatory by state law and need to be performed on drivers once every two years.

Annual physicals are normally provided by employers for employees in high risk jobs. The annual physical under normal circumstances is left to the discretion of the employer with the exception of those handling hazardous waste, working in nuclear facilities, exposed to asbestos and toxic agents and others defined by OSHA requirements for company and employee protective needs.

Employer Services:
First report of injury and supplemental reports for each visit are promptly completed and go out in the daily mail to employer and insurance company. Routine progress reports are issued to employers and insurance carriers. Permanent Disability Evaluations and reports, Independent Medical and Qualified Medical Examinations are available through the clinic and physician panel.

Injured workers are treated in an immediate and prompt manner with treatment properlly referred for speedy recovery to return to the job. A good working knowledgeable relationship is maintained with the employer to enable the injured worker to return to modified or light duty during the healing process. An open dialogue between the clinic, injured worker and employer is essential in treating the injury and getting the person back on the job as soon as possible.